Kensington Judo Club makes a change.

Submitted by Dr. Don Hutcheon to Judo BC

“I am pleased to inform you of a change at Kensington Judo Club.”               
First a short history.  Sensei Elliott has been involved in the Vancouver Judo scene for the past 47 years.  He was promoted to Shodan in 1978 and since that time he has instructed Judo programs at Kitsilano, West Point Grey and Killarney community centers and was assistant instructor from 1991 to 2004 at Nakashima dojo.

He has had the honor and privilege to have trained under the direction of many notable sensei like Shigetaka (Steve) Sasaki, Tomoaki (Tom) Doi and Satoru (Tom) Tamoto.

In June 7, 2004 he established the Kensington Judo Club.  His current rank is Yondan and since 2004 the dojo has moved 7 members to Shodan, 1 to Nidan and 2 to Sandan.  This summer we celebrated our 10th anniversary.                 

Sandra Hewson joined us last year and has grown a junior program that now numbers 20.  Starting this September we will begin with over 20 students. She has taken on instructional and technical leadership duties for our senior group also.  Sandra has NCCP Comp Dev (Level 3) certification, recently won gold and silver medals at IJF World Masters shiai, has recent IJF World kata competition experience and is also a Nationally certified and active referee.  She is using these skills and experiences to provide consistency and progression for judoka at all levels in the club.

It is with great pleasure to announce  that, effective immediately; Sandra is taking on the role as Head Sensei for Kensington Judo Club.  Sensei  Elliott will remain as Dojo Shu and as advisor to Sandra and member of the Board of Directors of Kensington Judo Club.  The dojo continues to thrive and looks forward to this coming season and our future successes.

Sincerely with regards,

Doctor Don Hutcheon
Member of the Board of Directors for Kensington Judo Club


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