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The Kensington Judo Club is a registered non-profit organization under the Societies Act of British Columbia. Sensei Andre Godel is the Head Sensei and holds the rank of Nidan (2nd degree black belt).

The Dojo is operated by a Board of Directors. All of our instructors and administrators are unpaid. They volunteer their time in the promotion of Judo and to make a difference in the community.

The Kensington Judo Club provides a positive learning environment. Students at all levels can continuously improve and have the "Judo Experience". We believe that Kodokan Judo has much to offer people of all ages and physical abilities.

As a form of exercise, Judo provides a cardiovascular and a strength workout with the potential to enhance your power, increase your flexibility, agility, stamina, core stability and co-ordination.

As a sport, Judo is recognized internationally and judoka who wish to compete may find opportunities  to do so at all levels from Club Shiai and local tournaments to the Olympic Games.

As a martial art,  Judo incorporates spectacular throws (nage-waza), precision grappling on the ground (kateme-waza) including control positions (osae-komi-waza), and submissions through arm bars (kansetsu-waza) and chokes (shime-waza). (Note: Submission techniques are not taught to junior students and may only be used in Dojo randori on and by Senior Students who have attained the 4 kyu (orange belt) level.)

At Kensington Judo Club, our main emphasis is on Judo as exercise, recreation and sport. We do not offer instruction that focuses specifically  on practical self defence. However, the techniques of Judo can and do  form the basis of a very effective self defence system used by citizens and police forces around the world. Judo techniques have been tested and refined through over 100 years of continuous development in competition. They work very well when applied correctly. We believe, however, that for most people, the practice of Judo contributes to self defence through a general increase in physical competence, strategic body-awareness, confidence and calm in the face of physical confrontation.

Board of Directors and Instructors

Andre Godel
Head Sensei
Dojo Instuctor

Darcy Cutler, PhD.

Adrian Pidor

Scott McKeigan


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