History of Kensington Judo Club

Judo is a life experience. Experience Judo.
 Sensei Bob Elliott

From the beginning, Kensington Judo Club  has been operated by Directors who have volunteered their time to enrich the community of Kensington in East Vancouver.  We have seen it as the mission of the Club to provide Judo instruction at a reasonable cost to anyone who wishes to participate. We welcome all judoka who wish to practice Judo with us whether they live permanently in the Vancouver area or are visiting.

Kensington Judo Club seeks to provide an inclusive and positive learning environment where participants at all levels can continuously improve their Judo. We believe that Kodokan Judo has much to offer people of all ages and physical abilities.

Kensington Judo Club was founded June 7, 2004 as a registered non-profit organization under the Societies Act of British Columbia. Sensei Bob Elliott, Yondan (fourth degree black belt) and certified NCCP Level II Coach was the founding head instructor and continued in that role until late 2013.

In 2013, Sensei Sandra Hewson, Sandan (third degree black belt) and NCCP Level III coach took over the role of head instructor. She has since moved to Montreal and continues teaching and developing her Judo there. In addition to her contributions as an instructor to the Senior Class, she developed a very effective and popular Junior Program comprising two classes divided on the basis of size and age (roughly ages 5/6 to 10/11 and 10/11 to 14/15).

Bob Elliott retired from club operation on July 7, 2015. He is still missed as the founder, chief administrator, and guiding light of the Dojo. However, a new Board of Directors has been elected and we hope to continue the club in the spirit that Sensei Elliott has established and nurtured over past ten years. The present Board of Directors consists of:

Sensei Andre Godel, Nidan, NCCP Level II Coach (in training),Director
Sensei Dave Bareno, Ikkyu, Sr. Class Coach
Sensei Darcy Cutler, Shodan, NCCP Level II Coach
Adrian Pidor, 1 kyu (yellow belt) Treasurer
Scott McKeigan, Ikkyu (Brown belt) Secretary


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