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A) LTDM: Long Term Developmental Model

Structure / Stature- This aspect of trainability describes the six phases of growth in the human body and links them to the sensitive periods of accelerated adaptation to training.

Stature (individual height) is measured before, during, and after maturation to track the developmental age of the athlete. By tracking developmental age, coaches can identify the sensitive periods for training the 5 basic Ss (stamina, strength, speed, skill and suppleness) and adjust training programs accordingly.

B) Judo Canada www.judocanada.org
U21 World Championship Selection
Please note the changes in the selection criteria for the 2014 U21 World Championships. Due to the changes to the date of the youth nationals to May 2014 Judo Canada has made the qualification more difficult for athletes to gain selection in efforts to have a well trained team with the needed international experience.
The 2014 Thuringia Cup (females) and Bremen International (males) are important eligibility events for athletes who are wishing to represent Canada at the 2014 World Championships.
2014 U21 World Championship Criteria: Read carefully
National Team Points:
National Team Standards:

C) Technical Corner
Neil Adams, GBR, World Champion
Kenji Suzuki, Japan, Olympic Champion
Daniel Fernandez, France, Vice World Champion
Competition Highlights

D) Judo Canada up Coming Events     
National Winter Camp – Montreal                              January 06-10, 2014
Saskatchewan Open – Regina                                   January 18-19, 2014
Pacific International – Vancouver                              February 15-16, 2014
Edmonton International – Edmonton                          March 15-16, 2014

F) Sport Science      
Dynamic Power
Judo is all about dynamic power that you can generate with your muscles to throw a person. You have to have great technique but you need to be a great athlete to succeed! The following link has some great exercises to develop dynamic power; you can throw these exercises into your regular judo training or add them to you weight training program.
Remember that it might be difficult at first but within time athletes learn and adapt and move forward. Pick exercises that are in a sequence – if an athlete cannot do a normal clap push-up then it makes no sense for them to attempt a triple clap push-up. (one step at a time)

This is the basis for the Professional Development policy that comes into effect this January. Starting in January 2014, you will begin to see your Professional Development activities and points tracked on your transcript in The Locker. As part of your ongoing commitment to coaching, all certified coaches will be required to maintain their certification by accumulating PD points over a set time frame.

In order to help you understand what this new policy means to you we’ve created an FAQ section on our website to help answer any of your questions. Check it out stay tuned for more information on Maintenance of Certification and PD in the New Year.
G) Western Canada Calendar  - Judo Canada Point-able Competitions  2013 / 14
Saskatchewan Open                         January 18-19, 2014  

Pacific International                            February 15-16, 2014
Edmonton International                       March 15-16, 2014

  H) International Judo Federation
Official IJF Back Patches
Official IJF Judogi Suppliers
IJF Veterans Website



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