A) LTDM: Long Term Developmental Model
Gymnastics for Sports
If there was any one sport that displays the best combination of strength, flexibility, balance, and power, it would be gymnastics. Gymnastics is not a very well known sport, most people will occasionally see it while watching the Olympics every four years, but aside from that have almost no knowledge on the subject. I'd like to remedy that problem and inform people on why gymnastics is beneficial to almost anything.
B) Judo Canada www.judocanada.org

Louis Krieber-Gagnon Cadet Judo World Champion

Jessica Klimkait  Cadet Judo World Champion

Catherine Roberge Fifth at Senior World Championships
National Team Points: August 31, 2013
National Team Standards: August 31, 2013

C) Technical Corner
Jimmy Pedro – World Champion, USA
Mike Swain – World Champion, USA
Bruce Kamstra – Fine Points, RTSO, Canada
Competition Tai-otoshi

D) Judo Canada up Coming Events     
2013 Quebec Open   November 02-03, 2013
2013 Fall National Camp- Montréal, November 4-8, 2013

E) Video Clips
Watch the finals of Judo Canada’s Cadet World Champions:
Judo 2013 Wold Championship Miami Cadets:

Final -81kg  Krieber Gagnon (CAN)  vs De Wit (NED)
World Judo Championships Cadets, Miami 2013
Final -52kg KLIMKAIT (CAN) - JANASHVILI Mariam (GEO)

) Sport Science        
Basic Explosive Weight Training for Judo:
Korean Olympic Team Strength & Fitness Training

If you have ever competed or trained with a Korean National team member they are extremely fit and strong. The link below follows the 2012 Korean Olympic team in the weight room, on the track and outdoor training. They are training at a very high intensity and the coaches are pushing them beyond the athletes stopping points to ensure that they are one of the fittest athletes on the judo mats.  The athletes are gaining an incredible amount of strength & fitness and at the same time becoming mentally strong through their effort.

Year Planning:
This is an excellent article from Sport Ireland about yearly planning. It is a easy to read 14 page article about how to make a year plan. It introduces new ideas on old concepts like ‘’SMARTER’’ goal setting.  It also has a very good section on performance profiling (needs assessment).

G) Western Canada Calendar of Major Events 2013 / 14
Saskatchewan Open                         January 18-19, 2014              

Pacific International                            February 15-16, 2014

Edmonton International                       March 15-16, 2014


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