Western Canada Regional Training Officer Update

A) LTDM: Long Term Developmental Model
Helping Coaches and Athletes Manage Change
We live in constantly changing times, where the only we can be certain of is that things are not likely to remain the same for very long!  Changes can be run-of-the-mill, such as fixture changes; or they can be momentous, such as losing a key player to injury, or having your budget for the coming season halved.  Planned changes (such as taking over from another coach and teaching your new athletes different ways to perform the same skills) are usually much easier to manage than unexpected or uncontrollable changes (such as one of your key players receiving a suspension). Whether the changes are big or small, planned or unexpected, the more adept you are at coping with them, the easier the changes will be for both you and your athletes.
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World U18 Cadet Team Selections
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2013 National Judo Championships Results

C) Technical Corner
Basic Juji-gatame Roll
Figure 4 Grip
Juji-gatame Squish Roll
The science of Juji-gatame
Competition Juji-gatame
Flavio Canton – Brazil
D) Judo Canada up Coming Events     

2013 National Training Camp, Montreal, QC                         July 22 to August 09, 2013
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F) Sport Science        
Great Cross Training activities for Judo 
Attending a Brazilian Jujitsu, MMA or Sambo Class:
Brazilian Jujitsu has some amazing techniques that can really benefit your Judo game. If you are close to burning out then attend a Brazilian Jujitsu class. You will definitely learn a thing or two and still do something that will benefit your Judo game.
Do some Olympic weight lifting:
Weight lifting is a perfect cross training sport for Judo. Many competitive Judoka do a lot of power cleans and snatches as part of their strength programs. If you are sick of Judo why not go and fine tune your Olympic weight lifting technique. You will develop more full body power and learn something new.
Rock climbing: 
Rock climbing involves a lot of upper body strength, grip strength, balance and co-ordination. Take a mate rock climbing and you both will not only have a great time but also develop stronger fingers and forearms that will greatly affect your Judo game. Stronger forearms mean a stronger grip on your opponents' gi.
If you are getting a bit burnt out why not try a kettlebell class. Kettlebells are a great way to build a strong core and develop awesome cardio. Working with kettlebells also really works you co-ordination and grip strength. Many gyms these days run kettlebell classes so have a look around for a class nearby.
Cross fit:
Cross fit is the newest fitness craze going around at the moment. Cross fit includes various power exercises such as Olympic lifts and combines them with body-weight exercises such as push ups, burpees and chin ups. Cross fit workouts are always very intense and will have you wishing you never walked through the gym doors. Cross fit, like most things, has its flaws but is still a great activity to include into your cross training list.

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