Western Canada Regional Update

A) LTDM: Long Term Developmental Model
Scientific research has concluded that it takes eight-to-twelve years of  training for a talented player/athlete to reach elite levels.  This is called the ten-year or 10,000 hour rule, which translates to slightly more than three hours of practice daily for ten years Unfortunately, parents and coaches in many sports still approach training with an attitude best characterized as "peaking by Friday," where a short-term approach is taken to training and performance with an over-emphasis on immediate results.  We now know that a long-term commitment to practice and training is required to produce elite players/athletes in all sports.
"It takes 10 years of extensive training to excel in anything"
A specific and well-planned practice, training, competition and recovery regime will ensure optimum development throughout an athlete’s career.  Ultimately, sustained success comes from training and performing well over the long-term rather than winning in the short-term.  There is no short cut to success in athletic preparation.  Overemphasizing competition in the early phases of training will always cause shortcomings in athletic abilities later in an athlete’s career. 
B) Judo Canada www.judocanada.org
High Performance Director Judo Canada
2012 Quebec Open Results:

C) Technical Corner

Competitive Coaches and Athletes: Jimmy Pedro (USA) 1999 World Champion/2012 Olympic Coach

As an athlete Jimmy Pedro was world renown for being the top grip/kumi-kata athletes on the international scene allowing him to win 2 Olympic Medals and the 1999 World Championships. As a coach many of his athletes are skilled in the kumi-kata game and have won many of the top competitions in the world based on their kumi-kata skills and tactical understanding of matches.

Jimmy Pedro – Grip Play Power Play (1min)
Jimmy Pedro – Judo Grip Fighting (1min)

D) Judo Canada up Coming Events          
2013 Pacific International, Vancouver, BC                                 February 16/17, 2013
2013 Edmonton International, Edmonton, AB                            April 06/07, 2013
2013 Ontario Open, Toronto, ON                                                  May 18-19, 2013
2013 National Judo Championships, Vancouver, BC              July 04-07, 2013

E) Video Clips
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            Judo Ever: (3 min)
            Modern Judo (2min)
            73kg Final 2012 Olympic Games

F) Sport Science      
Grip Strength:

If you have ever gone to the Paris training camp in February of every year you will witness some of the toughest and strongest judoka in the world trying to rip each other a part. If you have ever taken part in the camp as an athlete the one thing that you notice from your first randori is the strength of your opponent’s grips. It is important that during the year to have athletes focus on improving their grip strength and building up lactic acid tolerance in their forearms. To become a master of kumit-kata it is important to have strong hands, fast hands, the ability to with stand lactic acid and your arms/shoulders need to have the ability to fight hard for eight minutes. Grip strength is only one part of mastering kumi-kata but it is one of the most important; the longer that you can dominate your opponent and hold on to them the better chances you can win the match. There are many different ways to train to strengthen your grip and to be honest none of them are easy but this is what needs to be done to improve in competitive judo. Below are a few samples of ideas to strength your grips.
Judo Grip Circuit (2min)
Japanese Rope Grip Training (2min)
Judogi Chin-up

 G) Western Canada Calendar of Major Events 2012/13
        Judo BC Coaching Conference, Squamish, BC October 26-28, 2012 
 2012 University of Manitoba Open, Winnipeg, MB      December 01-02, 2012
 2012 Saskatchewan Open, Regina, SK                         January 19-20, 2013
 2012 Inner City Open, Winnipeg, MB                             February 09-10, 2013
 2013 Pacific International, Vancouver, BC                    February 16/17, 2013
 2013 Edmonton International, Edmonton, AB              April 06/07, 2013
H) International Judo Federation
New IJF  Backnumber - coming soon

The International Judo Federation is proud to announce the beginning of its collaboration with Pauker Group, a printing company who will produce all official IJF back numbers to be used in all IJF events from 2013.
The new price of the high quality back number is 2.80 euro.
The website will be launched in the very near future.

World Judo Day – October 28, 2012
October 28, the birthday of Jigoro Kano, is an annual day of awareness about judo and its values. This day is for all judoka: "I hope that all practitioners, clubs, national federations and Continental Unions will rally to highlight the greatness of judo", concluded Mr. Vizer. "This year, we would like to see around the world, on the same tatami and at the same time, all categories training together: men and women, youngsters and adults, white and black belts. We would also like to see mentally and physically challenged judoka together with all the other judo players, champions with kids…: JUDO FOR ALL", explains the IJF President, Marius Vizer.



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