The first step in being successful in transitioning (linking) is to make and maintain the "connection"


Using Tai Otoshi to demonstrate as above after having performed a throw it is vital that tori remains in contact or connected to uke in order to place himself in the best place to then attack further in newaza.  Tori throws uke and releases his grip on the lapel, whilst maintaining hand contatct.
Referring to the image on the right notice Tori’s hand moves from the lapel to uke’s lat muscle and retains control and grip of uke’s sleeve.  As uke continues to roll from the throw, tori retains contact with his tsurite hand on uke’s lat muscle and his hikite hand moves to uke’s shoulder. 
As tori does so he manoeuvres around and with uke so that he retains contact.  Tori continues to stay with uke and finishes in a strong position ready to attack as depicted below.
                                                  Transitioning will be apart of our lesson planing this week.


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