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A) LTDM: Long Term Developmental Model

Fundamental Skills: Physical literacy is the combination of mastering fundamental movement skills and fundamental sport skills. This allows children to see, understand and react to movements going on around them. Most skills require a series of developmental stages, which can be detrimental if missed.

Once children have mastered fundamental movement skills and fundamental sport skills, they have achieved physical literacy! For children to have success in sport – either for recreation or competition – it is important they master movement skills before learning sport skills, and fundamental sport skills before specific techniques. 

 Learning fundamental sport skills before mastering the related fundamental movement skills actually reduces performance ability later.

For almost every skill, children need to go through a series of developmental stages. The challenge is to help them learn the next level of the skill rather than pushing them to perform like an adult.Children usually learn their fundamental movement skills in the same sequence and go through the same phases. There is a time when children can learn a skill, a time when they are ready to learn a skill and an optimum time to learn a skill.If a child goes too long without learning a skill, remedial work can be done. Parents also play an important role in skill development. Running, jumping, catching, kicking, throwing, swinging and hitting are the basic fundamental sport skills. They allow children to play several sports with ease. Missing out on them can lead to a lifelong disconnect from recreation and sport.Learning to throw a softball using a pitching motion – and aiming over home plate – represents the shift from learning a fundamental movement skill to learning a fundamental sport skill.

B) Judo Canada www.judocanada.org
Important Note: The IJF World Veteran Judo Championships has been moved to Fort Lauderdale, USA November 1—4, 2012.

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C) Technical Corner
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      Mark Huzinga, 2000 Olympic Judo Champion 
D) Judo Canada up Coming Events          
            2012 Quebec Open                            October 06/07, 2012
2013 Pacific International                   February 16/17, 2013

2013 Edmonton International              April  06/07, 2013

Road to London: Sergio Pessoa 60kg
Road to London: Sasha Mehmedovic 66kg
                Road to London : Kelita Zupanic 70kg
            Road to London : Nicholas Tritton 73kg

E) Video Clips
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   Samurai Spirit: Judo
                Part 4: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f4B6K0orRXg&feature=relmfu

F) Sport Science      
Post Weigh-In Recovery
Walk into the locker room of a professional sports team, and you may find the athletes acting like babies -- or drinking like babies anyway. Pedialyte -- a liquid often recommended for babies and children to replace fluid and electrolytes after a bout with the stomach flu -- has become popular with professional athletes for its ability to rehydrate quickly. With nearly twice the sodium of Gatorade and half the sugar, Pedialyte has apparently been popular with extreme athletes for some time and is now catching on with professional and amateur athletes alike.
Sports Drink: Gatorade vs. Pedialyte
In the great debate of Gatorade vs. Pedialyte for athletes, what are the facts and which one comes out on top? Because both Gatorade and Pedialyte contain electrolytes, some people may wonder if Pedialyte is as effective as Gatorade for athletes. This overview of Gatorade vs. Pedialyte explains the benefits of each product, the reasons athletes use sports drinks and how each stacks up within those uses.

G) Western Canada Calendar of Major Events 2011/12
       Peace Gardens Judo Camp, Manitoba                                   July 29-Aug. 04, 2012
       Judo Saskatchewan Summer Camp                                       August 05-11, 2012
        Judo BC National Coaching Conference, Squamish, BC     October 26-28, 2012 
G) Olympic Judo Stories
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Sergio Pessoa


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