Tai Otoshi is commonly known as the  “body drop” and is a Tewaza (hand) technique

·         Tori & Uke hold each other in a right natural  posture.  As Tori steps back, he pulls Uke forward and Uke’s  body is off balance in a forward position.
·     At this moment Tori steps to the top triangle in attack position. Tori, then pivots and turns half way to the left.  He then pushes up with his right hand.  Uke cannot shift his weight on his right foot, he ends up on his tiptoe in a floating position.  Tori then, lowers his body and stretches his right leg in front of Uke's right ankle in a cross position.
      At this point, Tori’s legs are wide apart and assumes a lower body posture with right leg stretched to lock into the throwing position.
·     Tori contimues the hand action and concentrates all his power into his hands, hip and legs to execute the throw.  Uke falls in a big circular motion with his right toe as the point of rotation .

Demonstrations of correct bio mechanical actions and positioning for the technique, breaking of balance, entry and completion of the waza will be covered in the lesson plan.
  • Lesson discussed and demonstrated the Key Points (Yoten).
  • Also discussed and demonstrated are significant areas of concern that would allow Uke to counter Tori


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