O Goshi

O goshi is classified as a hip technique
As your opponent steps toward you with his right foot, you step in and pivot, lowering your hips to bring them in just under your opponent's hips. You pull his upper body toward you with your right hand while your left arm circles his body until your hand comes to rest at the small of his back As you continue your pivot, spring upwards with your hips, lifting your opponent and pulling him down and across your back with your right arm. Complete the throw by rolling your opponent off your right side and to the mat.
You step in closer on this one than with Uki Goshi. You need to be in tighter for the lifting action of your hip to pick them up. If you are too far out, the springing action from your hips will tend more to rock them back than lift them up. Rocking them back is exactly what you don't want to have happen when you are trying to do this throw.

Demonstrations of correct bio mechanical actions and positioning for the technique, breaking of balance, entry and completion of the waza. The Tsuri Goshi is a related waza to be covered in lesson plan.
  • Lesson discussed and demonstrated the Key Points (Yoten).
  • Also discussed and demonstrated are significant areas of concern that would allow Uke to counter Tori


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