Tsuri Goshi

Tsuri Goshi is also known as the “lifting hip throw”. Essentially an O Goshi except lapel grip encircles waist area to grip belt and pulls upward.  In Tsuri Goshi, tori wraps one arm around uke's waist and grips the belt.  Tori moves his hips in front of uke's while pulling uke's far arm across tori's body. Tori knees are slightly in the engagement position and lifts uke with his legs.  Tori pulls with the sleeve grip  and lifts against Uke’s belt, and throws uke over his hip.  The belt gripping can be done inserting the belt grip arm under Uke’s arm as in O goshi.  Tori’s arm can be over the Uke’s shoulder  to grab and lift on the belt.
Demonstrations of correct bio mechanical actions and positioning for the technique, breaking of balance, entry and completion of the waza. The Tsuri Goshi is a related waza to be covered in lesson plan.
  • Lesson discussed and demonstrated the Key Points (Yoten).
  • Also discussed and demonstrated are significant areas of concern that would allow Uke to counter Tori



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