Osoto Otoshi

Osoto Otoshi is also known as the “big outside drop”.  
       Take appropriate grips.  Unbalance by pulling sleeve grip tightly and down and with lapel grip keep elbow bent and pull gi to uke’s neck.  Uke will be unbalanced with weight on the foot.  Step in to Uke’s side position, maintain side chest contact & place active leg on the mat behind Uke’s knee (maintain posture and balance) so that tori has complete control over the final phase of throw and falling direction.  Tori drives Uke to the mat safely and effectively allowing him to apply a break fall cleanly by supporting Uke by pulling up on the sleeve arm.
  • Demonstrations of correct bio mechanical actions. Correct Tori positioning for the technique, breaking of balance, entry and completion of the waza. 
  • Lesson discussed and demonstrated the Key Points (Yoten). 
  • Also discussed and demonstrated are significant areas of concern that would allow Uke to counter Tori.


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