Osoto Guruma

·       Osoto Guruma also known as the "big outside wheel". It is similar to the Osoto Gari.  Take similar gripping as in Osoto Gari and unbalance by weighting Uke's leg.  Enter in as basic Osoto Gari and put attacking leg behind and across Uke's legs.  To throw your opponent, you straighten your right leg immediately, push down your right hand on lapel grip and pull down your left hand on his sleeve grip.  At the same time you have to twist your torso to your left to complete the throw.

  • Demonstrations of correct bio mechanical actions. Correct Tori positioning for the technique, breaking of balance, entry and completion of the waza.
  • Lesson discussed and demonstrated the Key Points (Yoten).
  • Also discussed and demonstrated are significant areas of concern that would allow Uke to counter Tori.


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