Developing Your Judo #28

#28: Training For PowerPower is the ability of a muscular unit, or units, to apply maximum force in minimum time, and if I was going to train just one physical skill for judo success, this would be it.
The aim of power training is to reduce the amount of time it takes to apply a set amount of force, or strength.
.There are different ways to train for power:
1. heavy strength training, e.g. squats, deadlifts, bench press
2. explosive strength training, e.g power cleans, snatch
3. ballistics, e.g. medicine ball throwing, jump squats
4. plyometrics, e.g. jumping from low to high boxes
Unfortunately,there are many opinions about which is the best method. 'Best' may factor in safety which is always a concern when doing heavy or explosive strength exercises.  Even terminology can be confusing since some coaches consider any explosive exercise to be ballistic.

By: Rainer Fischer (Canadian Olympian)


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