Developing Your Judo #23

#23: Step Into Ippon
There are many renraku-waza or combination techniques you can use to move uke into the ideal position for you to
apply your favorite throw.  In the last Tip, we covered Isao Okano's legendary ippon seoinage to kouch-gari combo. It's quite explosive and effective when done properly.

Today's Tip describes how you can use kouchi-gari to enter into a technique of your choice.  (Note: This combo is an example of both 'action-reaction' and 'step-and-go.
As you face uke, step forward with your right foot (assuming you are gripping right-handed and fighting another right-hander) to attempt kouchi-gari.  Uke will naturally step back with his right foot to avoid your foot. As uke steps back and your right foot plants itself, you have now completed your first step into your
favorite technique.  

The second step is completed when you bring in your left foot to follow your first foot. At the same time, your body is starting to turn around towards the left.  At this point, you have a choice of several techniques as long as they involve turning your body around, so that you are now facing the same direction as uke.  Examples are uchimata, hane-goshi, harai-goshi,tai-otoshi, morote-soinage, ippon seoinage, etc.

You get the idea.  What you have done with the frist step is forced uke to allow you an entry into your technique.  This is a very effective style of entry - using renraku-waza as the tool.
Happy throwing!

By: Rainer Fischer (Canadian Olympian)


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