Developing Your Judo #21

#21: When You Can't Be Like Koga
Unless you are a super-technician like Toshihiko Koga,   World and Olympic Champion, you may find that it is not that easy to enter into a technique at will.

Experienced fighters have developed excellent 'judo body movement' where their body motions are the result of many years of training.  They are able to avoid or block your technique entries instinctively.  However, using one of Dr Jigoro Kano's founding principles of judo, you can maneuver uke into just the right position for you to attack successfully.  This is the principle of using your opponent's strength or momentum against them.  The best way to do this is by creating a portfolio of renraku-waza, or combination techniques.  Combination techniques fall into two basic categories: action/reaction - step and go

The main difference is that with action-reaction, there is a definite reaction by uke to resist your initial attack, while in step-and-go, there is only an initial quick step by tori into a supposed attack but no major reaction from uke before you go into your second and final technique.  In the next few Tips, we can see how these combination techniques can be put into action.

P.S. In this video about Toshihiko Koga, you will not only see super straight-entry judo technique, but you also see a very effective combination at the 4:00 minute mark. Check it out here:


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