Developing your Judo #6

#6: No Bodybuilders Allowed
Training with weights has become an important part of any serious judo competitor's program.  Weight training will compliment the judo training you are already doing.  The problem is that a judoka can easily slip into a bodybuilder mode especially when you are in the gym trying to match muscle for muscle with the bodybuilders. You're not there to become Mr. Olympia! Arnold's training made him a bodybuilding
champion, but he would never have become a judo champion with his exercises (even with 22" arms).  So if you're in the gym getting a pump doing dumbbell curls, lateral raises or leg extensions, you're on the wrong road for judo invincibility!  Weight training for judo requires exercises that involve the whole body, or core muscles.These are exercises like cleans, squats (especially front), deadlifts, pullovers and even bench press.  They can even be done outside the gym using a partner instead of a bar and plates. Flipping a huge tire has been a popular exercise.  So lay off the bodybuilding isolation-type exercises unless you have a specific reason for doing them, like physiotherapy for an injury.  Don't waste your time in the gym.

By: Rainer Fischer (Canadian Olympian)


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