Developing your Judo #3

#3: Develop Proper Stand-Up Judo
Call me 'old school' but Judo wasn't meant to simulate wrestling or sambo.
Back in the 1970s European-style judo became a prominent fighting style in competition.  This style consisted of constantly being bent over in a crouching position similar to a wrestling stance.  In this position, you were able to more easily reach the opponent's lower leg or ankle and thus had a greater chance to make a score with an ankle pickup or some other unorthodox technique. 
I remember one of my matches at the Tbilisi Open back in 1974. My Russian opponent did nothing but grab at my ankles for the entire match. In the meantime, he was completely bent over in a defensive position.  Unlike today when we are no longer allowed to even get close to grabbing the lower leg, it was still legal then at least as far as the Soviet referees were concerned.  I lost the match on a decision (he grabbed my ankles more than I could get in any attacks) and although I still ended up with a respectable bronze medal it left a sour taste in my mouth for this style of judo.  Not only is it NOT judo it is next to impossible to execute any proper judo throws.

In the words of Russell Peters, "Be a man. Do the
right thing."  I add, "Stand up straight and fight like a judoka".

By: Rainer Fischer (Canadian Olympian)


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