Developing Your Judo #19

#19: Describing An Optimal Experience

Last time, we talked about what an optimal experience, or peak performance, was.  How do you know if you've experienced a peak performance?  Athletes have described this special state of mind and body in various ways. According to Dr. Joann Dahlkoetter (Your Performing Edge, Pulgas Ridge Press, 2001), if you've ever expressed your competition or training session in any of the

following terms, you nay have had an optimal experience: 

- strong and powerful - physically relaxed - calm and at peace - mentally focused - light and fluid - optimistic and positive - tuned into the movement - acute awareness - natural and spontaneous - fun and enjoyable - embracing the task at hand - energized - absolute composure - effortless speed - on automatic pilot - no fear or anxiety - feeling invincible - total self-confidence - floating with ease - completely engaged - detached from the outcome - in perfect control - ideal sense of well-being - in the zone -everything falls into place - fully alive.

By: Rainer Fischer (Canadian Olympian)


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