Developing your Judo #1

#1: Strong Newaza Makes Strong Tachiwaza
   Let me tell you about one of the best ways to improve your standing techniques.  First improve your ground, or grappling techniques (newaza).

   If you are afraid to attack your opponent because you might get countered or blocked, and then get dragged down into newaza, you've got a problem.

   You should never be afraid to try standing attacks because you don't want to mix it up on the ground!  In fact, you should welcome the opportunity.
   Turn around, face your opponent and work on a choke, an armlock or reversing the situation into a hold down.  Don't just lie on your stomach, tighten in a turtle posture, and then wait for the ref to stand you up.  You've just lost a great chance to win!

By:  Rainer Fischer (Canadian Olympian)


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