Developing your Judo #5

#5: Train With Less Experienced Judoka & Learn (part 2)

It's great when you can train with better judoka and eventually reach their level.
But what about when you can only train with lower belts, or those not as strong as you?

Believe it or not, these workouts can be just as important.  It's during those randori sessions that you should be working on your techniqueIt's NOT the time to be giving your ego a boost by throwing them around with your strength especially with the smaller and weaker judoka.  I always make it a point to try out or perfect new techniques with the kids or lower belts. There is little chance that they can throw you anyways or even counter you.  It is the perfect time to try  that new entry.  Never stiff-arm or try to out-muscle a weaker opponent during randori.  Not only are you wasting an opportunity to perfect your judo, but you are probably also discouraging one of your valuable club members.

By: Rainer Fischer (Canadain Judoka) 


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