Tournament Results from Abbotsford

BC Championships, Abbotsford Oct 18, 2014
3 sliver, 2 bronze in 7 divisions.

Silver- Torrence Ager novice senior medium weight
Silver- Benny Lo U21 -66kg
Silver- John Abramyan Senior intermediate -66 & 73kg  combined division
Bronze- Christoph Kozitza senior brown and black -73kg
Bronze- Avi Yan, novice senior heavy weight
Withdrew mild concussion- Benny Lo Senior intermediate -66 & 73kg combined division
Withdrew sick- Michael Lemm, novice senior light weight

Andre Godel and Sandra Hewson matside coaching.

Check out Torrence's ippon seoi nage, which awarded him an ippon!

Everyone arrived in good time, did their routine for warm-up and tried their tactics in matches.  They listened to coaching and improved in every match.  No-one had an easy win and everyone did good technical judo.

Many thanks to Becky, Kip, Tyler, Dave and Barry for coming out to support all day. Great start to the season!!

Steveston Nov 22nd next shiai.


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