A) LTDM: Long Term Developmental Model
10 Ss of Trainability
10) Socio-Cultural The socio-cultural aspects of sport are significant and must be managed through proper planning. Athletes are socialized through their sport beginning at the community level, and eventually their participation can lead them to a diverse array of multicultural experiences if they pursue international competition. Managed correctly, these socio-cultural experiences can be valuable in broadening the social understanding of athletes, including their awareness of ethnicity, culture and national diversity. 
As athletes begin travelling larger distances for competition, recovery periods might include education about the competition location, such as history, geography, architecture, cuisine, literature, music, and visual arts.With planning and foresight, sport can offer much more than a simple commute between hotel room and the competition venue: it can become a powerful means to develop socio-cultural awareness and enrich the lives of athletes.
Socio-cultural activity should not be regarded as a negative distraction or an interference with competition activities. Properly managed, it can be a positive contribution to the development of the person and the athlete.

B) Judo Canada www.judocanada.org
IJF President Marius Viser Visits Canada
Judo Canada Aboriginal Affairs Logo Contest : (Deadline June 30, 2012)
C) Technical Corner
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Same Side Situation
Basic Post Grip Situation
Double Post Situation
D) Judo Canada up Coming Events          
National Judo Championships, Toronto                     July 5-8, 2012
                Judo Canada Calendar           http://www.judocanada.org/2012/01/08/calendar-2012/

2012: Olympian Sergio Pessoa
Article: Sergio Pessoa
E) Video Clips
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     Samurai Spirit: Judo

F) Sport Science      

Losing Weight for Athletes:
Before attempting weight loss consider that:
·         Desirable weight loss means fat loss.
·         Fat loss is desirable only if it leads to improved athletic performance and maintains good health.
·         Many athletes already at their optimal weight believe they are too fat and sacrifice muscle, strength, health, and performance in an attempt to reach an unattainable
body weight.
·         Excessive calorie reduction can lead to muscle loss and slower metabolism.
·         Rapid weight loss by dehydration and/or fluid restriction is water loss and can reduce strength, endurance, and overall athletic performance. 
A balanced meal plan and an appropriate training program are the keys to success. If you must lose weight, consult a registered dietitian with expertise in sport. 
G) Western Canada Calendar of Major Events 2011/12
It is important that the Western Province Support all the Major Western Canadian Competitions to help develop judo in Canada.         

       Peace Gardens Judo Camp, Manitoba                                   July 29-Aug. 04, 2012
       Judo Saskatchewan Summer Camp                                       August 05-11, 2012
        Judo BC National Coaching Conference, Squamish, BC     October 26-28, 2012 
G) International Judo Federation Update

IJF Youtube Channel:
Watch great highlight packages from the European tour with commentary by Neil Adams.
2012 IJF Olympic Judo Qualification :


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